Our mission

La Sole Inc has a clear mission: enable you to obtain the best possible crop yields and return for your investment by offering innovative and high  quality farm machinery.


Our vision

We want to become the  farmer's standard reference for design and sale of soil management equipment.


Our values


We tirelessly improve our soil management equipment to meet your growing expectations and we design equipment adapted to new modern agricultural practices.


We work to answer your needs with spirit and efficiency.


We target a high level of customer satisfaction for our products and services.


Our relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees is based of exactness and on integrity.


Brief history

My wife, Victoire and I founded this company, LaSole Inc, in 1998. But our story began many years before.

A farmer since 1970, specializing in sod and cash crops, I experimented with various levelling techniques while refining the design on my Double Blade. As time progressed, I improved both my machine and work technique.

In the early 1990, I noted that there was a definite need for good land levelling tools. I, therefore, decided to commercialize the Double Blade in 1994. Facing a growing demand for my product, my wife and I founded La Sole Inc. in 1998.

In 2001, our sons Marco and Jess joined the company. Together, we took the company in a new direction to better serve our customers. We built a new factory on the Trans-Canada (rte 20) in St Helen of Bagot. With this new building, 11000 square feet, we set our sights first on our province, then on the rest of the country. This new factory is proof positive that we are here to stay.

Not resting on our laurels with the success of our Double Blade with farmers, we decided in 2002 to develop a line of subsoiler products targeting soil compaction.

We can count upon a dynamic and conscientious production team, experienced welders and retired farmers. We all converge towards the same goal: customer satisfaction.

To all our customers, present and future, thank-you for your confidence.


Laurent Brouillard

President of LaSole Inc