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What does the MAX Subsoiler do?

Ultra robust, The MAX Subsoiler decompacts and aerates your farm land and permits water to penetrate without hindrance. This permits full root development. A land well decompacted is basic to a good yield.


Why choose the MAX Subsoiler?

Extremely solid design: our MAX SubSoiler is the strongest compaction tool on the market.

Maximum soil decompaction: The MAX Subsoiler works up to 26’’ depth, with 5’’ wide tips to produce a thorough job.

Reversible tips: The tips are reversible which extends their useful life.

New decompaction technique: We have developed a new extremely efficient decompaction technique combining frozen ground, lime and the sub-soiler.

Adjustable depth wheels: The wheels are manually adjustable to work from a depth of 12 to 26’’.

Hydraulic self-protection system: A self-protection system avoids breakage due to impact with solid objects such as huge rocks.


Fundamentals of soil compaction

A field can have compaction zones at different areas and different depths. This compaction can occur for various reasons:

  • repetitive passage of farm equipment;
  • working with heavy equipment;
  • bad buoyancy for farm machinery;
  • the natural structure of the soil.

When there is a water surplus, the compacted zones impede the penetration of water into the soil towards the water basin. Plant roots become submerged in water.

During a drought, these same compaction zones prevent humidity from rising up to the plant roots, thus depriving it of an essential element for normal growth. In compaction zones crop yield greatly suffers.

A subsoiler corrects this problem. However, the problem will inevitably return if the cause is not corrected by modifying the farming practices which created the problem in the first place.



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