What does the MFC do?

 The MFC is a multifunctional chassis and an assortment of accessories which can be combined in different ways to accomplish the tasks you need done:

  • subsoiler (or ripper) unequal to decompact and aerate your soil;
  • combination subsoiler and chisel plough;
  • chisel plough;
  • zone till.


Why choose the MFC?

This machine is of simple design and very robust: working the soil can be hard, at times.

The non-stop hydraulic protection system, with its nitrogen tank, is a Cadillac reset system compared to the mechanical or spring loaded reset mechanisms. The gentleness of this system contributes to lessen wear and tear on the various components, not only on the MFC but also the tractor.

The MFC is designed for tractors from 80Hp and up.

We offer the MFC in 4 standard sizes and 5 different configurations.

We can, upon request, customize the MFC to fit your specific needs: wider spacing, accessory configurations, etc.


Fundamentals of soil compaction

A field can have compaction zones at different areas and different depths. This compaction can occur for various reasons:

  • repetitive passage of farm equipment;
  • working with heavy equipment;
  • bad buoyancy for farm machinery;
  • the natural structure of the soil.

When there is a water surplus, the compacted zones impede the penetration of water into the soil towards the water basin. Plant roots become submerged in water.

During a drought, these same compaction zones prevent humidity from rising up to the plant roots, thus depriving it of an essential element for normal growth. In compaction zones crop yield greatly suffers.

The Subsoiler corrects this problem. However, the problem will inevitably return if the cause is not corrected by modifying the farming practices which created the problem in the first place.



Pamphlet (6.2 Mo)


Photo gallery

MFC walkaround (standard subsoiler and chisel plough configuration)

MFC walkaround (minimum till subsoiler and coulter configuration)