Custom agricultural products

Our great experience with agricultural tools, gives us an edge in design and the manufacture of machines built to your specifications. The following are examples.


Blade to dig out ditches

This blade,installed onto the tractor's three point hitch, is articulated similar to abulldozer blade. It is 8' wide and can extend 12 feet.


Disc harrow with packer roller

17' wide, we equipped this disc harrow with independent spring loaded disks and three roller sections, diameter 16".

Special projects

As well as agricultural product, we also take on manufacturing projects of a general nature.


Demonstration platforms for quads

This structure was designed to demonstrate the workings of the front quad differentials. The quad, on the platform, has 3 wheels spinning on rollers while the fourth wheel must, on its own; drive the VTT over an obstacle.

This bench helps visitors visualize the differences between two suspensions. It simulates the movement of a quad wheel over an obstacle


Leveler for motocross track

This leveller, with a single articulated arm which can move up, down, right and left, was designed to be attached behind a bulldozer to repair jump mounds on motocross tracks.