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What does the Super Blade do?

The Super Blade is a modified version of the conventional Double Blade which allows laser and GPS leveling due to :

  • a rigid transport system;
  • support wheels;
  • a mast for laser/GPS receiver.

Each Super Blade arm is attached to the hitch with a pintle hook/ring coupling.  Since the hitch is attached to the tractor's 3 point linkage system, raising or lowering allows the operator to change the Super Blade's angle to suit leveling needs.  Explicitly, when the Super Blade is fully loaded, the operator raises his 3 point hydraulic hitch rather than revert to the laser and GPS's manual system.

The support wheels are controlled by two synchronized cylinders using the tractor's remote valve connected to the laser/GPS.  A second remote hydraulic valve directly controls the right cylinder permitting level changes.  The cylinders re-synchronize when completely open.

Work that doesn't require laser and GPS, the operator raises the support wheels out of the way and the Super Blade can be controlled using the 3 point linkage system, as a conventional Double Blade .


Why choose the Super Blade?

The Super Blade is two machines in one: a laser/GPS leveler and a finishing tool:

  • if you don't have a leveler, the Super Blade will answer to all your needs;
  • you already own a Double Blade, don't worry it can be converted into a Super Blade.  No need to buy a second laser/GPS ready leveler.

The cutting edge of the Super Blade has a longer life than Double Blade' edge because it has  reduced contact with the soil.

The support wheels on the Super Blade have the added benefit of reducing fuel costs relative to the Double Blade.




Pamphlet (4.4 Mo)


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Seedbed preparation

Land leveling

Super Blade model A32 walkaround